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(For my beautiful unicorn, Gabriel.  I see you, baby.  Shakin’ that thang)

How is it that the whole gender/transgender thing was the topic of a hit song in 1970, yet there are STILL sides being taken, discussions being had, and judgments being made about this over 40 years later?  FOURTY YEARS, PEOPLE.  I do not understand.  

Evolution Schmevolution.  I think the planet’s marine life saw the possibilities ahead and decided to kick the mutant pre-humans the fuck out of their nice oceans before we traded in their water for a handful of magic beans.

Perhaps we’d be advancing and improving faster as a species if we didn’t spend so much time juggling our balls…

Someone just paid me back for a loan I made to him over a year ago.  He’d finished his contract on one job and was looking for another at that time, but hadn’t found one yet.  He was financially desperate, none of his many friends had offered to help, and he was reluctant to ask.  I learned of his situation through a message he posted on Facebook.  Today, after he paid me, he wanted to know how I could trust someone enough to lend them money when I really didn’t know them very well.  This is what I told him.

I have as much trouble trusting other people as anyone else does.  It’s not about trust at all.  If I lose the money I’ll have to struggle, but if I know someone has no money to buy food and I don’t lend them what cash I can spare then I lose my humanity.  I’d rather lose the money.

Maybe I will be killed in my sleep, but it won’t be because I’m naive or stupid.  It has nothing to do with having an inordinate amount of trust in people – I don’t.  It’s just that I made a decision a long time ago to not trade in my humanity for the illusion of personal safety.  I want to be alive while I’m alive. 

It also doesn’t mean I don’t get hurt when people let me down.  I do.  But I don’t have to live with them, I only have to live with me.

Loblaws, you suck.
FRED: We really need more room to put stuff. Hey, I know! Let’s put it right after the cashier stands so people can grab something then get back in line with all the groceries they just bought to pay for it.
BILL: Good idea, Fred, but what about that bin for the Food Bank?
FRED: Oh, that’s only for the most desperate people in our society. They don’t have any money for food anyway, and we only care about our customers with money. We’ll move the bin over to the back near the washrooms where nobody will see it.
BILL: Hahaha, you’re right Fred. What was I thinking?
Hey Look! Soap!!!

You know what?  Wash your hands.  You know what else?  Wash your hands.  One more thing.  Wash your fucking hands, stupid.

I was in the washroom at the library last week, washing my hands at the sink, when I saw what I’m sure we’ve all seen way too many times – someone exiting a stall and going right to the door.  Oh that’s ok lady, don’t bother washing your hands, it’s your life.  Do what you want.

Oh, except maybe not.  And it’s not just about using a paper towel or toilet paper to open the washroom door, or even about washing my hands again when I get home because I’ve touched the library books others who don’t wash have touched.  It’s not even about thinking I may need to wash my hands every single time I read a library book from now on.  No, this is about so much more.

I wash my hands to prevent from getting sick, but I also wash my hands to prevent others from getting sick - people with compromised immune systems, people with the aids virus, fibromyalgia, kidney failure, people undergoing chemotherapy, old people with influenza – you know - PEOPLE.  The ones those of you who don’t wash your hands clearly don’t give one selfish fuck about.

You don’t need to save a life to be a good human being, just try not to take one.

World Peace: It’s like we’re not even trying.

(via mangtonio:ricp:zigzagzang)

World Peace: It’s like we’re not even trying.

(via mangtonio:ricp:zigzagzang)

I like people. I like watching them. It’s just that I’d prefer to do it from a mile away using very powerful binoculars.
Geraldine McCaughrean